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Saturday, August 22, 2015

A fun day planned

I've got a fun day planned today. 
Firstly I'm off to wave goodbye to John, Sam and Henry as they depart on a steam train ride to Seymour.  This is their souvenir ticket.
They should have lots of fun.

And then I meet a bunch of my bloggy friends for a day of shopping and eating in the city...first stop divine L'uccello

Such a gorgeous block
which makes into a fabulous quilt
Many many thanks to fabulous Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts for sharing it with us.  Here is the LINK.
Hope you have a wonderful day too.


  1. Have a wonderful day with all the lovely ladies, wish I could have joined you Mel..

  2. Have a wonderful day Mel..maybe a little purchase or two.

  3. Sounds like fun. Love l'ucello.

  4. Enjoy L'Uccello! It is my favourite place in the city- a little corner of Paris!

  5. Have THE most wonderful day possible Mel. xox

  6. How lovely are the French general bias. Hope you have a great day with friends.

  7. I love that they give souvenir tickets just like the old ones. Thank you for the link to that delightful bunting block and what a glorious shop you visited!

  8. Bet you girls had a fun day. Sorry I couldn't come today. Have a family birthday catchup in Melbourne tomorrow so two trips in two days would have been a bit too much

  9. Hi Mel,good to see you arrived home safely,it was such a fun day,it was so good to catch up with everyone,i think we will be doing this more often,i hope the boys had a good day too.xx



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