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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bad Kitty alias Tigger

I was chatting to my lovely NOTYQ friend, Jane, the other day.  Jane lives just around the corner from me (eight houses away in fact).  The conversation turned to our pets and Jane was telling me that she now feeds her cat up on a table because the cat from next door was coming in and stealing her cat's food. 

An elderly ginger cat, who was too old to jump up on the table.  My ears twitched because I believe Bad Kitty is fairly old... his front teeth are quite worn down and he can't jump very high.

Jane went on to say her neighbour can't understand why his cat, Tigger, was getting so chubby...ahhh could it be because Bad Kitty is having breakfast and dinner here?  Mystery solved.
I'm happy to say he no longer bites and hisses, but smooches and purrs...he is a little sweetie-pie.  I'm so glad he has chosen our place to be his home away from home.
PS I am only giving him little snacks now...don't want him so chubby he can't climb my steps..
Another delightful quilt.  Another wonderful free pattern and tutorial.
You can find this sweet Honey Bee Quilt HERE very kindly shared at Why Not Sew?  Enormous thanks to Erin, please visit her charming blog.
Hope you have time for some stitching today


  1. Bag kitty, not so bad in the end! So good that you know he is not homeless after all!

  2. Aw he's so sweet! Love that quilt, thanks for the link!!

  3. Cats have a way of finding extra food, don't they.

  4. Bad Kitty?! I'd say more like Clever Cunning Kitty... has pulled a few heart strings, methinks!

  5. Clever puss puss! Ginger pusses are lovely. :)

  6. Bad Kitty...no way! He looks perfectly sweet and cuddlesome to me. Sounds like he's a bit of a chancer though... using his charm and good looks to weedle food out of you. Good look keeping him on little snacks......:o) xxx

  7. Ha... ha.....Bad kitty is SMART kitty!



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