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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

And a little more from the Artisans of Geelong

There were so many delightful handmade pieces on show at The Artisans of Geelong exhibition. Here are some more of my favorites.
I think this was my favourite piece of all...a wonderful quilted throw.

All made of cloth...just wonderful

So many textile delights.
I love to pop over to Oh Fransson and look in awe at the creative talents of fabulous Elizabeth Hartman.  Elizabeth is so generous with all she shares with us.  These dear little cushions stole my heart...
and you can find the fabulous free pattern HERE.  Many many thanks to Elizabeth for all she shares with us.
Hope you have time for some stitching today,


  1. Lovely pieces but the chess set is definitely my favourite!

  2. Looks like an amazing exhibit Mel! Thanks also for the link to the foxes and hedgehogs- I always thought that was a 'to buy' pattern! I love it as a wide cushion too!

  3. What a display of talent...beautiful. Thanks for sharing xx

  4. Didn't the box of chocolates look real Mel??? Did you count the mice? Such beautiful things on display.

  5. How creative those pieces are! The box of chocolates I had to put my nose right up to the screen to see they were fabric! And the chess set! All such fun pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  6. those different things made with fabric are amazing...

  7. I love the 'china tea set' and those 'choccies' look yummy! Thanks for the link, Mel. xx

  8. They are all so stunning Mel

  9. I too love the tea pot, sugar bowl and milk jug. Just lovely. Hope you are fairing well Mel

  10. Such unique and amazing creations!



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