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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ballarat Apron Festival...

...is on again this weekend and I am so excited.  It is one of my favourite events of the year.
So here's where I'm heading today.
If you want to find out more just head over HERE

Two of last year's winners
Morgan from the Crafty Squirrel

and Liz from Mill Rose Quilts.  Hoping to catch up with them again this year.
It is all part of the Ballarat Heritage Weekend with so much to see and do and something to interest everyone. Here's where John, Sam and Henry will be...taking a stream shuttle ride at Ballarat station...while I'm at the apron show.
Please go HERE, to the festival site for more information and to download a brochure
Here's a lovely free pattern.
It is very kindly shared HERE at Pellon Products - The Blog.  Huge thanks to every one involved.

Hope you have a fun filled Saturday


  1. Gosh an apron festival sounds just sooo great :-) I wish I lived nearby I would most certainly go check it out. How wonderful, hope you have a super day out Mel.

  2. Have a lovely day, Melody and family. There's so much to enjoy this weekend and Ballarat is at its best in autumn. I'll be out later for the apron festival and whatever else takes my fancy.

  3. Have fun in that wonderful town. My grandmother was from there and there are some of my family in both cemeteries. Are you inspired to make another apron now?

  4. Have a lovely time! Looking forward to seeing pictures.

  5. What fun! It looks like everyone had a great time - I love aprons -

  6. Have a great time Mel,take lots of pictures.xx



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