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Monday, May 18, 2015

A gift for Barb

Last year Barb and I started a four times a year swap using a basket made by Annie.  This time it was my turn to fill the basket with goodies for Barb.  I decided to go for a ladybird theme.
It was heaps of fun gathering and making goodies with this theme.
One of the gifts was a little stitchery necklace and here's Barb wearing it.
I love having Barb as one of my friends, she is a wonderful person.
I found a LINK to a truly delightful mini quilt pattern to share today
It is very generously shared by Rose at wonderful Threadbare Creations.  Enormous thanks to Rose for sharing it with us.
Hope you have a wonderful day


  1. You filled the basket with gorgeous lady birds, Mel. I know Barb just loves them all!

  2. Good morning Mel yes I agree Barb is an awesome friend and I love how you do the basket swap,it's lots of fun seeing what you both come up with,and this basket full of goodies is awesome ,I can see why Barb loves them,what a wonderful day we had xx

  3. What a lovely basketful of ladybugs....I'm sure Barb loved them all and that necklace is such a great idea...

  4. A delightful collection of gifts.

  5. What a beautiful and fun idea!

  6. Mel what gorgeous gifts you made for Barb to fill your basket

  7. What a lovely gift Mel.
    I'm visiting from Christine's blog today, 'cos she sent me here ;-)

  8. What a wonderful basket full of goodies! Your friend is so lucky!



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