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Monday, April 27, 2015

Pink Hexies

These little hexie flowers are part of the Inchy Hexie Flower Swap and are heading off to someone who didn't receive their hexies when another member became very sick.  So they are officially angel hexie flowers.  I'm looking for a little angel button to send with them.
I haven't been sewing much in the last few days because I had a nasty MS fall, getting concussion and a very bruised wrist.  Thank goodness for Netflix, I've binged watched House of Cards Series Two and Three.  I also watched the Babadook which I thought was brilliant and very unsettling.  Can't get Ba ba dook, dook, dook out of my head.  No Mr Babadook books for me and Henry!
And speaking of my darling Henry, here he is.
He recently came to stay for a week or so which was brilliant.  That's his big brother, Wil, in the background.  Henry adores him.
I love Shiny Happy World, such a brilliant name for a blog and such a happy place to visit.  If you go HERE, Wendi shares four fabulous free embroidery patterns including this one called Tweet.
Enormous thanks to wonderful Wendy.
Have a really happy day


  1. Both boys are very handsome! Hope you are feeling a little better now too. xox

  2. ohh nnoo Mel hope you are okay now,i havent heard of those movies and i just love that smile of Henrys,take care Mel

  3. Love the special hexies Mel, very pretty. Henry's face is always a joy to see! That is scary looking stuff you are watching!!

  4. Beautiful hexagon flowers... hope they do their job! Hope you are feeling better too! :) x

  5. Dear oh dear! You need to put more water with it girl!! Seriously though, I hope you are okay you poor love. Your hexies are sweet as are you. Lotza angel hugs coming your way.

  6. Good on you being a Hexy Flower Angel, Melody... hope you're feeling better now... I've heard The Babadoook is really really good but yes scary...

  7. Oh Mel - do hope you are okay. Such pretty hexie flowers you made - so lovely of you to step in and send them. What a lovely photo of the boys

  8. That Babadook dook dook is hard to shake, isn't it?



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