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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hexies coming in

I'm a member of the Inchy Hexie Flower Swap and I love being part of this very friendly group of hexie lovers.  I asked for red and pink flowers, with white pink or red centres, for my garden. Four have arrived lately and they are all lovely.  Thanks to Michell and Michelle.
These hexies are sitting on a wonderful quilt which was a Christmas gift from fabulous Peg.

I haven't posted a picture of our darling little Henry for awhile.  So here he is at his home
and yes he now plays Mario Kart with his older brother Wil.  The life of a gamer has begun.
In fact he loves it so much it is hard to get a picture of him because he jumps up and down with glee whilst playing.
Just spreading the news that Sewn and Quilted will be closed this Friday for family reasons.  They do have a delightful new website so you'll need to confine yourself to buying online.  The Friday Afternoon Friendship Sewing group will also be cancelled this week too.

This one is wonderful and tricky too.  So if you are looking for a challenge, op over to the Moda Bakeshop where the Jellied Lone Star is described as ambitious.  Follow this LINK for the pattern. The designer, Terri Ann, was inspired by the Lone Star block tutorial at Hopeful Homemaker.  you can visit Terri Ann at Childlike Fascination.  Many many thanks to Terri Ann for sharing this wonderful pattern with us.
Hope your day is full of fun.  I'm off to spend the morning at Stitching With Rosie at Gail B's so I know I'll have a wonderful morning.


  1. Wonderful new hexies for your collection. How cute is Henry! It's do lovely that his brother is showing him how to play games.

  2. Your hexie garden is growing! So pretty. Henry is so cute. Hope you are feeling well.

  3. I used to love playing Mario Kart with the kids when they were little so I understand sweet Henry's excitement!

  4. Love the hexies Mel ,lucky you and you sure have one handsome young man there and boy he is sure growing up so fast,my grandies love the WII,enjoy your time with your little man xx

  5. Gorgeous hexie flowers Mel. How gorgeous is little Henry

  6. Wow - great hexies. And Henry is so cute!!!

  7. The boys look they are having so much fun

  8. That young man is such a cutey - butter wouldn't melt right lol
    Smashing hexis, what a lovely idea to have swaps like that too



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