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Monday, March 30, 2015

Quilts in the Barn

This year's quilt show at Quilts in the Barn was breathtaking.  Linda asked us not to show whole quilts but it was still very easy to take pictures as every quilt was filled with wonderful detail.  Here's just a bit of what took my fancy.
I missed sharing my visit with Christine, who was busy on the day, but it was lovely to bump into other friends and marvel at the displays together.
Huge congratulations to Linda and all her helpers.  This is one show I'll remember forever.
I'm feeling very happy because I just found all the beautiful quilt designs very generously shared HERE at Cloud 9 Fabrics.
Huge thanks to everyone involved.
Have a wonderful day


  1. It was a wonderfully inspiring display. So glad I went along.

  2. Sorry I couldn't join you, Mel. I have been enjoying seeing all the photos though.

  3. Having had the opportunity to attend a class with Margaret Sampson George earlier this year it was wonderful to see the exhibition, it was beautiful I am always ready to go off in another direction and this was inspiring. Well done to Liz Wright and Jean Stevenson and all their helpers

  4. Hi Mel Thankyou for sharing these lovely quilts with us,so glad you had a wonderful day and what a shame Christine couldn't join you. Oh Thankyou for this link,love these tulips ,will have to check this link out xx

  5. What a display of lovely quilts, when leaving these shows I come away so inspired.

  6. Oh thanks for sharing Mel! The quilts look beautiful xx

  7. Thanks for sharing photos of the lovely quilts

  8. Beautiful quilts Mel. What a lovely day

  9. Some beautiful quilts on show Mel.x

  10. Thank you so much for sharing Mel. Gorgeous quilts.

  11. I am thrilled that you liked my quilt (top right) ! I couldn't make it to the show but I am so enjoying reading the rave reviews! What a wonderful exhibition and celebration of all things quilty.

  12. OMG wish I could have seen those quilts!
    The ones you've featured look superb - wow



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