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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Beautiful bookmarks

Last weekend when John and I attended Loving Indigo we both received the gift of a beautiful book mark, and I get to keep them both...lucky me.
Here's the story behind them

I feel so lucky to have discovered See Kate Sew.  It is packed to the brim with fabulous ideas, a multitude of brilliant free patterns and there are wonderful tutorials too.  I love the one to make these Fabric Toy Buckets, if you love them too, then please follow this LINK.

To day I'm off to a Stitching day with Gail Pan and Ramona Hermann.  Can't wait to see all my friends who will be there too.  We are very lucky to have so many wonderful designers in Melbourne who organise such fun filled days for us.
Hope you have some time for some stitching too.


  1. How lovely to receive the beautiful bookmarks. Have a wonderful day with Gail and Ramona.

  2. Good for you Mel... I know you'll enjoy it xox

  3. what lovely sentiments expressed on the bookmarks. I'm sure you'll treasure them for years to come.
    I hope you enjoyed your time with Gail and Romana. We had the pleasure of Gail in Ballarat at The Cotton Factory. It was a lovely day. :)

  4. Beautiful. I adore Japanese quilts. Have a wonderful day.



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