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Saturday, February 7, 2015

On Saturday Mornings...

we like to sleep in
but that doesn't mean there is not time to share a link to a free pattern

For those of you who jump out of bed full of enthusiasm to start the weekend how about a hexie or two or three
This fabulous quilt was shared at the Moda Bake Shop just HERE.  It is designed by Lynne from wonderful Lily's Quilts.  Such a great place to visit.
Hope your day is filled with happiness


  1. Good morning Mel,love that cute koala,hope you. Had a great sleepin,we did here,take care today it going to be very hot xx

  2. You go right ahead and sleep in....I'm going to catch up and see what you've been up to!

  3. Hope you got to sleep in Mel. I got up around 10.30am before Mark went out and have been washing, stitching, updating my blog and watching a movie. I hope you have had a great day too. Angel Hugs.

  4. Oh look at that cute furry fellow!

  5. hello Melody. I was blog hopping and I thought I'd say hello, as I too, live in a house on the side of a hill, but I suspect, you are in a country much warmer than mine? as I am in England and it's chilly and cloudy today.
    I'm just off to read some of your back posts now! best wishes KAth

  6. Anything hexi and Im hooked lol
    and that baby koala looks snuggled up nicely bless him/her!



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