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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lucky lucky me

I'm lucky enough to have attended a couple of Barb's (of Theodora Cleave) Day of Play events. Huge fun and organised by lovely Karen at Mrs Martins Quilt Shop.  There's one coming up in April. Barb also sells her wonderful Theodora Cleave buttons and other goodies on line.

Here's the adorable rabbit thread holder I purchased a few days ago, such a bargain at $4.50.
While visiting Barb on-line I saw she is now selling some of her amazing little paintings.  These are not prints, each is an original painting on linen.  A truly beautiful work of art.  I had to buy two. Look under the Other Interesting Things tag in her shop.  Again they are a super bargain, between $7.00 and $9.00 for original little works of art.

Can you imagine how thrilled I was to open my parcel and there was my very own blog title, painted just for lucky, lucky me.  Huge thanks to Barb, I adore it...in fact I adore everything.

How about a bit of upcycling.
There is a fabulous tutorial HERE.  Enormous thanks to Ashley at Lil Boo Blue for sharing it with us.
Have a wonderful day


  1. What a special gift from Barbara. All of your goodies are gorgeous.

  2. Those are wonderful pieces, very fun art.


  3. What beautiful treasures you received!

  4. Hi Mel oh these are all so very sweet,love Barbs work,love the painting with your blog name on it,hope you have a wonderful day my friend xx

  5. I've always admired her buttons - but wow such gorgeous paintings, too. How sweet of here to personlse one for you!!

  6. That is one Freebie that is going to make a lot of gals I know happy! My first thought is Christmas presents, but don't think I can wait that long to give them!

  7. You do find adorable things... I love your special blog painting...

  8. Just love the buttons, thread holder and those beautiful hand paintings. So nice to have your own blog name written on one too.

  9. What gorgeous miniature paintings and how super special do you feel with your own personalised one !! super excited for you, Barb always does such lovely buttons and now mini paintings, will have to visit her blog for a look at what else she has on offer :) Barb.

  10. Lovely thread holder and the little paintings are gorgeous. You are lucky to have one with your blog title on it too!

  11. How lovely Mel. Barb is so very talented

  12. Those paintings are so unique and something to cherish. Love her thread keeps too.



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