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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

United Stitches Stitch-a-long

Today is the day wonderful Rosalie Quinlan releases United Stitches.  I asked Rosie if I could run a Stitch-a-Long on my blog and not only did she say YES she offered to donate some prizes so we could have some giveaways as well.  I am very very excited about this.
So all you have to do is sew a stitchery designed by our lovely Rosie and join in the Linky Party which will appear on the 27th of each month.  
There has been lots on the United Stitches Facebook page about this fun new BOM but just in case you do not 'do' facebook here are some of the blocks.

and here's how Rosie describes the idea.
Each mini stitchery contains 2 of the same design, this way you can switch your duplicate with a friend, a sewing group member or even find some switching partners on the facebook page. This way you only need to purchase half the stitcheries to complete the quilt.....to make it simple you can choose odds or evens, if you choose odds you just need to find someone doing evens to switch with.....yes it's really that simple, and so much fun. 
It is going to be easy to get the patterns here in Australia as they will be in lots of quilt shops.  I'll be buying mine at Gail B's Patchwork as I go there each month for my Stitching with Rosie class. ( and you can buy on line from them)  You can also get them by mail order from Under the Mulberry Tree and as soon as I find US and European stockists I'll let you know.
I do hope you play along.  I'll be posting lots of ideas for what you can do with your second stitchery if you don't want to swap and it really will be heaps of fun.
I'm heading over to get my starter pack tomorrow and I'll show you what it contains on Thursday but here's Rosie's pic for now

Today is the day to announce the giveaway winner of this gorgeous button from Theodora Cleave
and I'll pop in a little surprise too.
The winner is
Ria at  Riaienieminie.   Congratulations, I'll be in touch


A girl can never have too many bags and I think this one is particularly lovely
It is very kindly shared by super clever and generous Kimbo at A Girl with a Glue Gun.  Just follow this LINK.
Wishing you happiness


  1. congratulations Ria! how wonderful...and what a fun time you're going to have with the United Stitches SAL....sounds great! Nothing like sharing with a friend. That bag IS gorgeous isn't it? Thanks Melody....lovely to read your posts as always! xox sugary hugs :o)

  2. Rosalie Quinlan stitch a long sounds like fun

  3. Love those designs--but would need a US place to buy them I guess--
    thanks for all you share with us--

  4. I'll be interested in seeing who is selling/ distributing the patterns in the USA

  5. Those stitcheries are so sweet. It would be such a fun project to work on.

  6. those stitcheries are delightful... I will watch the progress... I seem to have rather a long list of stitcheries from 2 years ago!!! haha...

  7. I'm joing in. I can't wait until my first lot arrives. Not only are they fantastic designs but they are very economical - Perfect now that I'm a student. I will put your logo on my blog. Hugs xxx

  8. I really would love to join in Mel bit I so ,ugh on the go at the go at the moment have fun xx

  9. I am interested to find where sold in the US!

  10. I have a little shop on Etsy www.braidcraft.etsy.com and I can ship to the USA... Melody can I join in the United Stitches Stitch-a-long..

  11. Hello Melody! Am I too late to join in your sew-a-long for the United Stitches? I am in England and I just received my first packages this week. I would love to join you if I still can.... I have a blog called Patchwork Allsorts... the URL is patchworkallsorts.blogspot.com Thank you!! :) xx



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