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Monday, January 19, 2015

Mrs Martin's Summer School

Part One The Projects
Saturday was a fabulous day, in fact a perfect day.  The weather was mild and sunny, the lovely venue only half an hour from home, everything was so well organised and the food was yummy.  The best part of all were the wonderful women who organised the fun day and my fellow students who attended the day. There is something about quilters - they really are a happy bunch, especially when presented with such gorgeous projects.

There were three magnificent patterns on offer, each with multiple projects included. We could choose two as part of the day, but they were all so enticing I bought the third as well.
This is Braeside
This is Belmont House
and this is Bradshaw's Corner
Louise and Lisa are the super talented women from Max and Louise Pattern Co who designed these amazing projects.  You can buy their patterns from Mrs Martins Quilt Shop and yes you can shop online.

I decided to start with the table runner
but turn it into a winter scarf.
Remember that bargain wool fabric I bought on sale last year
Well the brown piece is now the base for my scarf.

Stitching this is going to be heaps of fun.  I plan to back it with some beautiful soft Liberty cotton, which I will buy from wonderful Mill Rose Quilting, next time I visit.
More about this fabulous day tomorrow.

I'm a big fan of Natalie at Cinderberry Stitches.  I adore her style.  If you follow this LINK you will find a delightful printable Bunny Bunting which she so generously shares with us as a fabulous freebie.
Huge thanks to Natalie
Have a wonderful day


  1. What a wonderful selection of gorgeous items to buy and make. I do love the runner you have started and I can't wait to see it completed.

  2. Was a fabulous day Mel and so glad I got to share it with you

  3. Glad you had a great day. Your table runner is going to be gorgeous, Mel.

  4. Oh wow! So many wonderful quilts. I know that must have been such a fun time. Love the bunny bunting. Too cute!

  5. Hi Mel wow your scarf is going to be awesome,so glad you had a wonderful day.xx

  6. Hi Melody, Wow the scarf is progressing so beautifully, it will be so divine ....when you are wearing it
    Barb xxx

  7. The projects all look wonderful.

  8. Love all the projects your scarf is going to be gorgeous Mel xx

  9. I really like all the patterns. What a great idea to make a scarf out of the table runner pattern. It looks lovely.

  10. I love how you think outside the box, Melody! Your scarf will be gorgeous!

  11. Getting ready for winter already..... Nice

  12. Such a fabulous range of beautiful patterns.
    Your scarf will look gorgeous when you have appliquéd it and soft Liberty on the back will be perfect.

  13. I'm also a huge fan of Cinderberries stitches. All those quilts look amazing.

  14. What a beautiful array of quilts! I see one of the little Civil War ones similar to what I hand pieced from Carol Hopkin's book. You are so clever making that scarf!



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