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Friday, January 2, 2015

More spoiling

Sandi was my Santa Sack partner in the Christmas swap organised by Cheryll...and she really spoilt me.  The parcel was pretty hard to resist, isn't it gorgeous?  But I did wait until the 25th.
Inside was the most beautiful Santa Sack I have ever seen.  I will treasure it forever.

There was so much more included but I'll save that for another day .  Thank you so much Sandi - lucky duck me.
Do you visit Appleseed Prim?  It is filled with lovely 'prim' patterns which I love.  If you follow this LINK you will find a whole page of fabulous free patterns very generously shared  by Jennie. One freebie is this useful and beautiful Budding Wreath, I can imagine using it in a multitude of ways.
If you pop over HERE you can see the wonderful designs Jennie sells too.  Big big thanks to Jennie for sharing her talents with us all.
It's really hot here in Melbourne with 39 celsius forecast for today and 41 (105.8 F ) for tomorrow.   Good weather for staying inside and stitching


  1. That Santa sack is so lovely. Lots of gorgeous applique. Thanks for the link to that site. Hope you are feeling a lot better today. Angel hugs.

  2. The sack is gorgeous! Hope you are continuing to improve and feel a lot better xx

  3. That Santa sack is a beauty, I love the bells and the smiley gingerbread. I bet you wont want to put it away until next Christmas, it's too cute! Stay cool inside over these hot days.

  4. oh wow, what a fabulous santa sack!! It's simply gorgeous!!

  5. What a fantastic Santa Sack!! beautiful!!

  6. It is a beautiful sack/bag! So much work went into it you can tell. I had to laugh when you said it was good weather for staying in and stitching and here it is rainy and cold and also good weather for staying in and stitching! LOL!
    thanks for the free pattern...I have to over there...I too could see lots of uses for that lovely border.

  7. Your Santa Sack is Gorgeous!!! That might be the prettiest one I've ever seen. I can only imagine what you found inside.

  8. Awesome Santa sack! Lucky you! Enjoy!

  9. That is one very cute Christmas santa sack...enjoy...



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