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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Just gotta love Gail...

...Gail Pan that is, and her wonderful and charming designs.

Here's the pincushion stitchery in this year's Christmas book.  In the picture is also last year's pincushion, which I received as a gift.
I know these are popular as I keep seeing my lovely bloggy friends stitching them too.  Amazing Shez has whipped up a few while on holidays in Thailand too.  Hi Shez!
If you love Gail's style too, HERE is a fabulous free pattern she shared with us all on her blog, Gail Pan Designs.
The link is on the July 2, 2014 post.  Many thanks to Gail.
Hope there is time in your day for some stitching


  1. Love these Gail Pan designs. Thanks for the link!

  2. Oh those are darling! And guess what - a brilliant mind over at blogger help figured out that I was having a browser issue, and I can comment on your blog using Firefox - I find that very exciting, lol!

  3. Hi Mel ,yes I did a few of these Stitcheries,they are so cute,can't wait to catch up with you my friend,take care,xx

  4. They are adorable, and the year on them makes them a lovely keepsake. You are testing my resolve!

  5. Nice stitching, the red work always does look good doesn't it!

  6. Beautiful patterns from Gail !!

  7. I love her designs and I "pinned" her quilt too! Thank you both!



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