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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Barb Smith and Simply Vintage

Simply Vintage is my favourite magazine.  It only comes out four times a year, one for every season, and so there is plenty of time to anticipate what each issue will bring. This is the cover of Winter 2013
and when I saw it I was thrilled to see some Theodora Cleave buttons (by Australian artist Barb Smith) used in some gorgeous Marg Low (another Aussie designer) designs.  I knew I wanted to make some of them for this Christmas.
So I did, using one of the gorgeous buttons I bought from Barb at The Day of Play I attended a couple of months ago.  These fabulous days are organised by Barb and Karen Martin of Mrs Martins Quilt Shop and are more fun than I can possibly describe.  

Lucky, lucky me there is another one coming up in a couple of weeks and I will be attending.  I've been following Barb's preparations at On a Branch a Bird Sings and getting very excited.

Isn't Hancocks House of Happy a wonderful name and it's a wonderful place too.  Full of whimsy, which always makes me happy.  Here we are in Movember so I thought this was a great LINK to share,
Hope your day is filled with happiness


  1. Great minds...Simply Vintage is my all time favourite magazine too....and being a Christmas fan, the Christmas issue is just the best...xxx

  2. I have never heard of Simply Vintage magazine, I must look out for it. Thanks for the link to Barb's blog.

  3. I've never heard of that magazine. I'll keep an eye out for it in newsagents.

  4. What sweet stitching. I must look into the "Simply Vintage" magazine!

  5. That magazine sounds lovely. I must keep an eye out for it. Thanks for sharing x

  6. Loving that magazine also! Of course I have made every item in each of the magazines *grin*!!!
    Your ornament looks lovely.

  7. Your ornament is beautiful Melody, I love Marg Lowe Designs and Barb's buttons are so lovely.

  8. Gorgeous Melody Love what you have done .....Thanks my dear
    Barb xxxx

  9. Love that gorgeous mag too Mel. Lovely version of Marg's gorgeous design

  10. I like Simply Vintage too !! So much inspiration in each issue !!

  11. Who wouldn't love that magazine! I got so excited as I looked on Amazon and they had it but when I went to the page they said "unavailable"! Boo Hoo! Great to see your projects!



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