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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Are you a Tilda fan?

If you are, there is a wonderful and inspiring facebook group called the Tilda Lover's Club, set up by our darling Fee from Designs by Fee
I love Tilda fabric and I'm using it to surround my Rosalie Quinlan stitcheries. 

I buy my Tilda fabric at Sewn and Quilted where Carol has a fabulous large selection and it is a dollar or two cheaper than I've seen it anywhere else.  Yes, she sells online too. I love Tilda so much it is my current kitchen tablecloth.
And I have this gorgeous book on order from the Book Depository.
Tone Finnanger's blog is a delight too.  You can visit Tilda's World HERE.

I was given a tube of this wonderful lip balm and I love it - smells beautiful and is very nourishing on your lips.
The recipe came from Homemade Mummy.  The recipe is HERE.
Many thanks to Lauren for the lovely gift and to Lindsay for the recipe and her wonderful blog.
Hope your day is filled with happiness.


  1. Your Rosalie Quinlan stitcheries and the Tilda fabric are the most exquisite combination. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Beautiful tablecloth and lovely display on the table and shelves.

  3. Oh Melody .... your hexagons look beautiful....

  4. I love Tilda!! I’ve never seen the fabric here but I have several of her books. I especially like the dolls. :-)

  5. The stitcheries look great with the Tilda fabric.

  6. Love what your doing with the hexies Mel ,

  7. Gorgeous Tilda loveliness. Love your tablecloth Mel

  8. Your stitching is beautiful. Love how pretty the designs look with the Tilda fabric. Have fun stitching more....xx

  9. The tilde fabric looks wonderful! I'm not sure if we have it around here....I have such a stash of material that I need to use up before I can begin on some new yummy ones, but I'll certainly be having a look at the links! Love what you've done with your stitcheries



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