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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A favourite quilt

At the Westernport Quilters Exhibition on Sunday this quilt really took my fancy.
I loved that the lady designed it,
based on her daughter's home's ceiling - such a fabulous idea.
And the quilting was magnificent.  Really setting off the design.
This is the one I voted for in the Viewers Choice.  

It was great to have John come along to see the quilts, he really enjoyed the show too.  This amazing quilt got his Viewers Choice vote.

Just got to love this little fellow.
How wonderful that he is very generously shared by fabulous Crystal at Stitched by Crystal.  The link in HERE.  Thank you so much Crystal, he is adorable.
Hope you have time for some stitching today.


  1. The deco quilt is wonderful. I love the other quilt too, it's so different, do you know the quilters name?

  2. Amazing stuff, thanks for the link too.

  3. amazing quilts... love both of your choices...

  4. Hi Mel this quilt is awesome so much work has gone into it,thankyou for sharing my friend.xx

  5. Oh I love that quilt too! The quilting is awesome!

  6. Both quilts are gorgeous. Some people are so clever, never would have thought of copying a ceiling pattern. Thanks for sharing. Hugs.......

  7. Wow you sure do get around to lots of quilt shows - I didnt realise there was so many. Love the quilts on displa, thanks for sharing

  8. Wow, that art deco one is superb. Just goes to show how much impact quilting and design choices can have. Love the viewers choice quilt too - like a constellation map. Thanks for sharing.

  9. The quilt is something else. My inlaws live in a Californian Bungalow that has a gorgeous rose in the dining room. My brother in law painted all the intricate floral bits in it with different colours and it looks awesome. It might make a great quilt design. :)
    Thanks for the Foxy link. What an adorable pattern. They'd make awesome gifts for SOFTIES FOR MIRABEL, as promoted on meetmeatmikes.

  10. I love to see quilts or anything creative that arise from some specific inspiration. Those are wonderful. The second one looks like a spirograph inspired quilt.
    I have to make some of those foxes for the grand boys....so cute! Thank you!



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