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Monday, October 27, 2014

Melbourne's wild weather

We had a huge storm in Melbourne last night and my power is only just back on so I've been unable to post until now.  
I spent the weekend on a wonderful retreat at Mill Rose in Ballan but unfortunately my camera played up and I didn't get many pictures.  Suffice to say that everything Sue provided was divine.  I will post some pictures of what I made later this week.  Barb took lots of pictures so visit Barb at Barb's Creations to see just how gorgeous it was.
This picture did turn out, so 'Hi' to gorgeous Sue and Liz.  They are wonderful.
I was very happy to meet Kerryn from Christmas Creations.  Unfortunately no picture of her but Santa is magic so his picture was on the camera.  Here he is travelling home in Kerryn's car.

Another day and I have a LINK to another fabulous free pattern and great tutorial too.
Simple, practical and gorgeous to look at - what more could you possibly want.  I found it at a great spot - Somewhat Simple.  There are a multitude of gorgeous things shared at this fabulous spot so many many thanks to all involved.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Wow that is a major lightening strike. Be safe. Love those bags. Look like great projects to teach kids basics of sewing.


  2. Oh, Melody - that lightening strike is spectacular!! And I am happy you enjoyed your retreat!! I'm glad to see Santa travels safely - what a cutie he is!! ♥

  3. Yes, it was a doozie of a storm, wasn't it? So glad you had a good time on your weekend away.

  4. Hasn't our day been crazy? It took me an hour and a half to do a 30 minute trip this morning.
    Looks like a great time in Ballan.
    I find all of Keryn's santas adorable.

  5. I'm not a Santa person, but you know, that Santa could come home with me anytime! :-)

  6. Grouse storm photo
    Great weekend
    Cute SANTA
    Photos are on the way to you. Hopefully so are the pencils and don't forget the staircase

  7. Great weekend Mel, Santa really enjoyed it.

  8. Love you post - what lightening! Santa looks happy.

  9. Checked out Barb's post. The venue was fantastic. Glad you had a great time. Hope the storm didn't do too much damage. So hot in SE Queensland today. Hugs......

  10. Wow Melody - that stormy weather sure looks like it was scary indeed, glad you're safe!
    That Santa is just such a cute guy

  11. Sounds like you all had the best weekend Mel. Been over and checked out Barb's photos

  12. That was quite a storm. What a great time you must have had and all that fabric and inspiration! YOu must put it to good use now and take lots of photos when your camera feels better! LOL!



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