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Friday, October 10, 2014

A huge thank you and a quilt show.

The postie called at my place and left a sweet package.  My giveaway win from lovely Kim at Wisdom with Needle and Thread. I won the gorgeous cherry zipper bag
full of the most wonderful goodies, including a thread catcher, sweet charms, a delightful dog button and the most beautiful stitched doggy themed box.  Such a wonderful prize, thank you so much to lovely Kim.

Today Christine and I are off to Quilts in the Barn.  This show is always one of the quilting highlights of my year. 

Ramona told me about Friday Fences and I thought I'd play along.  I'm linking back to 
The Run *A* Round Ranch for this piece of fun.  You can play along too if you visit HERE.
My first photo features Henry within the playground fence.  The fence beyond the fence was put there to stop little kids running off the footpath and into the duck pond.

Today's link to a freebie is a fabulous one.
Just click HERE to find the brilliant tutorial at wonderful The Silly Pearl.  Many many thanks to Steph for sharing this clever idea with us.
Hope you have time for some stitching today.


  1. What a lovely parcel to receive from Kim. Looks like Henry is thinking about how he can escape that fence! How great is that ruler holder. Might have to make one, one day. See you soon!

  2. Have a wonderful day out at Quilts in the barn!!

  3. Congrats on your lovely win. Bet you'll have an awesome time at the show!

  4. Have a great day out today Mel! And yes a wonderful win from Kim's blog. EnJoY

  5. adorable little fellow in his yellow boots. :) thanks for joining in with good fences!

  6. Lucky lady - well deserved. Enjoy your day out and bring home lots of ideas.

  7. Lovely win,Enjoy your day out and say hi to Christine for me :) Barb.

  8. The Cherry bag is so cute Mel and you lucky girl with all of those goodies inside too.

  9. I'm still deciding whether I will go to Quilts In the Barn- just not as much fun on my own.... but it is for a good cause!

  10. What a gorgeous win Mel. Love your fence picture. I've been looking at fences in a whole new light since Ramona told us of this

  11. Wow what a lovely package of goodies there Melody... I'm sure the day out with Christine was lovely

  12. Hi Mel what a gorgeous pic of Henry,he is so adorable. Congrats on your wonderful win and so glad you had a great day with Christine.xx

  13. So glad you like the goodies - the quilt show sounds like fun - Henry is so CUTE in his yellow boots!!
    Have a lovely weekend -



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