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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Playing with Theodora Cleave

Last night I had a little play with some of the buttons I bought from Karen at the Theodora Cleave workshop.  I just need to add some little red flowers to the lace to finish it off.  I know I have some on a piece of trim but where have I put it? This is the never ending story in my very little, very cluttered, crammed to the brim, sewing room.  If I can't find them, I may just be forced to take a trip to Paper Squared.  We will be down that way as John is sailing with his brother in a winter sailing season in an off the beach series - not my idea of fun.  A bet the bay will be very cold and they are bound to fall in.

Here is a fabulous gift for the person who has everything.  I bet they don't have a padded camera lens case.  If you follow the wonderful tutorial HERE you can whip these up as fabulous presents.
Enormous thanks to super clever Melissa at Polka Dot Chair for sharing this idea with us.  There is a brilliant tutorial too.
Hope you are having a great day


  1. Hi Mel hope you had a great time with Christine yesterday,wow you have done such a wonderful job of this,love it and i hope you find your trim,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  2. your picture is beautiful..... I get very frustrated when I can't find something I need right now!

  3. Your definitely right - I'd rather be crafting that sailing in the cold bay.....brrrrr. Hope you find your stash and if not.....buy more!

  4. Hi Melody - yes I'd be sewing too - those cold winds whipping off the water don't sound appealing!
    The picture is so pretty, I hope you find the trim - is it over there? or under that thing? or in that container?!!

  5. Your sewing space sounds just like mine :-) sweet little project for spring !

  6. Things go missing in my sewing room too and then just when you've bought a new thing the one you were looking for turns up. I love what you have made with your cute buttons!!

  7. It is darling! You are so talented! I pray they stay safe on the water and since I don't have any camera lenses I guess I won't be making a case for them! LOL! But they are cute!



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