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Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Birthday to Shez

to my lovely friend Shez. 

Today I am spending the afternoon with the lovely ladies in my Friday afternoon sewing group at Sewn and Quilted.
This beautiful quilt is going to be a Sewn and Quilted BOM and I've signed up. It combines cotton and felted wool and is a design by the Quilted Crow girls. This is going to be one of my Christmas gifts from John.  A wonderful present which will continue on for nine months. I will work on it each week at the Friday group so hopefully I'll keep up.

Tonight I will sewing away with my blogging friends as part of

with lovely Chez.  You can sign up HERE.

Here is a LINK to a really handy pattern to have in your collection.
I found it at fabulous The Purl Bee.  Such a wonderful place to visit.
Hope you are having a fabulous day


  1. thankyou so much my lovely friend.xx

  2. John has such wonderful taste when it comes to your presents, Mel! LOL! I hope you have a lovely day stitching. xx

  3. I love that BOM you've started!! What a great gift that will keep you busy over the coming months.

  4. Mel that is the most gorgeous BOM - what a great Chrissy present

  5. Love the BOM Mel. Hope you are faring better, missed you at the Millrosie Gathering. Hugs, O'faigh

  6. So elightful! Happy birthday Shez!



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