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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Simply Vintage

Simply Vintage is my favourite magazine.
I think Issue 11 Summer 2014 is particularly wonderful and contains lots of projects I want to make including this one which is called Tree of Love and is designed by Marg Low

I have trouble sleeping so at 4.00am I was up doing the prep on this project so I can take it to sew at NOTY tomorrow.
I'm adding the word Noel as I thought it would make a lovely Christmas project.

I am so in love with these gorgeous pillowcases.
We must thank fabulous Mary of At Home on the Bay for sharing a tutorial on how to make them HERE.
Another day playing with Henry for me.  This always makes me so happy.  Hope your day is happy too.


  1. Hi Mel love this mag too I will have to wait as it's not coming out until the 1 st week in step here.
    Wow I love your Marg Low project,what a lovely gift this will be,enjoy your day with your little man my friend.xx

  2. Love the fabrics you are using for your Marg Low project.
    Henry is just sooooooooooo gorgeous.. Enjoy!!!!

  3. Oh not fair! you girls around the water get your copies before us! Looks like another good copy! You will have your lovely project finished before I even get my magazine!

  4. Love your tree project Mel..love that magazine too! Henry is so cute!!!! Such a lovely happy face!

  5. I love your use of yellow Mel! It is a fresh touch to a Summer Christmas!

  6. I agree with you, this is my favourite magazine too, I didn't realise that number 11 was out, I will have to go pick up my copy from the newsagents, it is the best mag....thanks Melody

  7. It's a gorgeous magazine Mel and your version of Marg's project is going to be so lovely

  8. Wow an early start. Love Henry's smile

  9. Mel, that is beautiful! Oh how I love Henry's smile...Xx

  10. Henry is so cute.
    Looks like a great magazine.

  11. Wonderful project Melody , and I know you are enjoying little Henry :-)

  12. I love your variation Melody! And the colours are lovely :)



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