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Monday, July 21, 2014

A little bit of hand quilting

on my table runner, is my project for tonight.
I just adore the strawberry fabric I'm using on the back.

Every member of the family deserves a cute new garment now and again.
Even a furry family member.  Just follow this LINK to a great tutorial on Roses Are Blue.  Many thanks to Kara.
Happy Monday


  1. Hi Mel oh this is going to be one pretty table runner my friend,enjoy your stitching tonight,hope you had a wonderful day.xx

  2. Can't wait to see your quilting on this project

  3. Like your quilting prep Mel. Will be gorgeous when finished. Hugs....

  4. Beautiful stitches and beautiful fabrics!!

  5. I see sweet Vintage Tilda there, Mel...lovely! Thanks for doggy gift link...I know someone who will benefit from that neck piece! Xx

  6. Those are my favorite colors together (at the moment..lol)...those fabrics are divine! Did you free hand that quilting design? What size thread are you using? Is that DMC size 8 like we use for applique? I need to start hand quilting my grandson's quilt and I keep putting it off because I really don't know how and those You Tube videos about "rocking" the needle and wearing special thimbles have me worried.
    There are plenty of designs I can follow but those quilting needles are SO small. How do you do yours?
    You always make the cutest things.
    Thanks for the dog scarf tutorial too.....my girls would look so cute! They'd probably hate me but they would look cute! LOL!



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