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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Mill Rosie Get Together

It goes without saying that the Mill Rosie Get Together was fabulous.  Lots have posted photos of all the fun so pop HERE and HERE and HERE to take a look.
We also had the Mill Rosie girls who couldn't make the gathering pop in, courtesy of the Gisborne girls.

Here are some of the fabulous swap items made and swapped on the day.

We were chatting about next year's swaps and a heart swap was suggested so this beautiful little heart might be just perfect.
The design is shared in a great tutorial over at Hudson's Holidays which is a fabulous blog written by Shirley.  The link to the charming heart is HERE
Have a wonderful day


  1. WOW! What an uplifting day for all. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. you are all so talented.. and have so much fun... I have enjoyed all the posts and pictures... friends are special

  3. Hi Mel ,it sure was a wonderful day,our friendships are so special,loved all the different ideas for the swap items, such a clever group,hope you have an awesome day my friend and take care,sending big hugs.xx

  4. You are such a joyful lot....so lovely to see. Those gifts are beautiful! Clever girls xx

  5. Yet another great day out for the Rosie girls! It was great you could go Melody... another thing that goes without saying is that your gifts for the swap are so gorgeous, well done!!

  6. It was a wonderful day Mel, and so lovely to see everyone again. The swap gifts were all just beautiful, lots of talented ladies! Take care x

  7. It was a really enjoyable day Mel! The swaps were amazing!

  8. Great post, and what lovely gifts - some very talented ladies down your way...xx

  9. Beautiful gifts and a fun time.

  10. You really do have a lovely time, it shows! thanks for sharing it all with us. Great links too!

  11. The gifts were beautiful and thoughtful as always. Glad we could make it (sort of).



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