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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Group Projects

Every year my quilting guild, NOTYQ, makes many many quilts to distribute as gifts to people in the community who need the comfort a warm quilt can bring. Many are joint efforts.  In the case of this quilt, 
some-one embroidered some flowers,another made up a kit from donated fabrics, 
another pieced the quilt, Jan quilted it and I sewed on the binding.  It's great to be a member of this wonderful group of women who share a love of quilting and service to the community.
What a luscious looking pear.  There is a brilliant and very detailed tutorial at Jill's gorgeous blog, Fiberluscious.  You can find the tutorial HERE.  Huge thanks to Jill.
Hope you enjoy a very creative day


  1. How wonderful to have many hands create quilts for those who need them , lovely work !

  2. Quilters are such a caring and sharing group x

  3. Love the idea of a group project for the community, Adorable, lovely stuff. Thanks for the cool link too. Have a lovely day.

  4. How wonderful of you all and what a pretty quilt. I love the free pattern too! I need to catch up as Spring has me doubling my work load along with cleaning and painting!

  5. There is a wonderful sense of achievement with shared projects. Well done.

  6. Lovely to be part of a caring community group.xx



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