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Saturday, April 12, 2014

A parcel from E Bunny

came hop hop hopping into my letter box.  

No return address, no clues, not even Ms Bunny's first name.  Thank you so much, secret friend - you made my day.

I am completely, totally and truly in love with these adorable polar bears.
Enormous thanks to Janet Clare for sharing the pattern with us.  Please follow this LINK.
Hope you have a great Saturday


  1. how nice to have a secret friend Mel and what a lovely surprise they sent you,enjoy,sending big hugs my friend.xx

  2. Lucky You Mel!! Enjoy your lovely surprise!

  3. Fee Ransley has been playing with pages from a dictionary, maybe it was her.

  4. What lovely gifts from an anonymous gifter too! They say that is truly a gift from the heart when you do it anonymously. What a lovely person it must have come from.
    Thank you for the Janet Clare pattern....I love her site and Etsy shop too. Very inspiring. I will definitely be making those for the grands as they love their "stuffies". They also look fairly simple to make. No time like the present to start "making" for the holidays. I missed Friday Night With Friends as I was exhausted last night and only managed to lay in bed and crochet a bit and it was "lights out" early. TTYL!

  5. I got one too! I wonder who it is from! It's certainly a mystery, isn't it Mel!



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