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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The boys at play

Today Christine and I are setting off to rendezvous with Shez at Melbourne Airport.  It's the beginning of Let's Get Stitched and I'm very excited.  

Little Henry is also coming to stay for a week so while I'm at the Let's Get Stitched events it will be a boys only household at the house on the side of the hill.  Here's Henry (with my lovely Sammy) having his very first drive of a miniature train at the Box Hill Miniature Railway.  
Diamond Valley Miniature Railway is having one of its biggest annual events this Labour Day long weekend.  An all day and evening night run.  Here's what they wrote:
On the  Sunday of this long weekend, DVR holds our once a year ride - a full day of operation from 11am in the morning, all the way to 11pm at night !
It's a hoot to ride in the darkness, but be prepared for a busy night as it is a very popular event !
- and we donate the takings from the entire day to charities in our local area.

I found this delightful train themed cross stitch alphabet at Emy's Gallery.  Just go HERE.
Thank you so much Emy.
Have fun today


  1. I wonder if those boys will get up to lots of mischief while we're at Let's Get Stitched. Now the fun begins! See you soon Mel.

  2. Are you going too!!! I will be there but not until the Sat. night... I look forward to meeting you after following your blog all this time. I am also a friend of Gina Wilson. See you then x

  3. Have fun at the Lets get stitched...I know you will have a ball...xxx

  4. What fun events for all of you. I love trains myself and how timely you would have a train cross stitch available! I grabbed lots of her alphabets she had. Wonderful site. Have fun all of you!

  5. I'm sure that the boys are going to have a blast...as for you and the girls...now I think it's you lot that we need to keep an eye on. Have fun ladies!

  6. Have a really lovely time, The miniature railway event looks so cool! Thanks for the lovely link too.

  7. Have a great time Mel!! I am sure the boys will too!

  8. Have a wonderful stitching weekend.
    The train weekend looks like a lot of fun too.
    Lovely cross stitch pattern!



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