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Friday, March 21, 2014

Oh dear

Yesterday I spent the morning sewing with my wonderful friends at NOTYQ.  A chance to sew, sew, sew.  But did I do that? No, I talked, talked, talked and laughed a lot.  Not much point in showing you my sewing.  Eleven running stitches in total!
Today I found a link to really beautiful Liberty of London circle mini quilt.  The tutorial is fabulous with a multitude of clear, detailed pictures.
It is shared at the wonderful Purl Bee.
Today I'm spending time with Sam and little Henry - bliss.
Hope your day is fabulous too


  1. lol glad you had fun Mel and thankyou for the link,hope you have a lovely day my friend.xx

  2. Laughter is good for the soul... even better than stitching! :)

  3. well sometimes the sewing must take a second place to good times with good friends! The mini is adorable!

  4. Sometimes it is good just to chat and laugh! thanks for the cool link. Have a lovely day.

  5. Hi Melody - I love that you went to a day for stitching, then didn't do any!! I'd be like that too...
    Thanks for the link to that gorgeous mini quilt, it gives me an idea of perhaps using some of my B&C scraps...

  6. I think we're all like that.....sometimes it's more about the chatting than the stitching. Love the mini today, perfect for some small precious pieces.

  7. You are not alone. It is many a time I come away from a stitching day having done only a couple of stitches. After all, isn't it about enjoying your day?

  8. Talking and laughing can be more therapeutic than stitching :o) hugs

  9. When I used to attend groups it was the same way but still so fun and inspiring to see what everyone was working on. I love the mini circle quilt...I also love browsing on Purl Bee and Purl Soho and the Liberty of London fabrics? Who doesn't love those?



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