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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A free class in Melbourne

Sam has been a huge fan of trains right from when he was a tiny little boy and I have lots of fabulous photos of him with all sorts of engines.  I've always planned to make him a memory quilt with a train theme and have been collecting bits and pieces for this quilt for years. 
All I need is some knowledge about printing on fabric and some motivation to get started.  

When the latest newsletter arrived from Sewn and Quilted it contained this information. 
Free Class!
On Saturday 22/3 from 10.30am, Anne will be introducing you to the concept of Memory Quilts / Cushions / using photos in quilt labels etc.
This is a free information session - Anne has made several memory quilts and is a wealth of information on how to start planning a project, how to prepare your photos for printing, what to use, what you need to consider etc, and has lots of ideas on how photos can be incorporated into your quilts. So bring along your ideas and questions, photos etc!
Numbers are limited, so please let us know if you would like to book yourself a spot.

I booked myself a spot and you can too. I've met Anne and she is fabulous. The shop is in Blackburn and the phone number for bookings is 9877 1664

Bright, cheerful and fun.  What more can you ask of a project?  The links for all of these beauties can be found HERE at wonderful My Merry Messy Life.  Huge thanks to Sara.
I'm off to have fun in a sewing class.  Hope your day is fun filled too.


  1. Was that coincidental or what? I've wanted to learn how to do that too. I know there are special printer papers for your pc but I haven't tried it yet. Good luck and hope ti's fun for you.

  2. Your memory quilt will be quite wonderful, Have a lovely time.

  3. I'll just have to see what you make Melody as it's too far for me. Thanks for the crochet patterns, I have been meaning to do some for a while now.

  4. I will look forward to seeing your memory quilt Mel, enjoy your class :-)

  5. wow what an interesting class Mel i will be interested in what you learn,i can see you having fun with this my friend.xx

  6. You'll enjoy this class Mel, and it will start you off on a whole new direction in your sewing, believe me! I've done two with photos - one for me and one for my SIL and she was absolutely delighted with it.
    Is your son involved with Steamrail? Ken and I worked as Steamrail volunteers for a few years, and loved every minute. We'd drive over to the yards and help clean the trains up for the next day's trip, and the next day we'd be on the trains serving drinks and hot dogs!

  7. Sorry Mel - I forgot this in my first comment (too busy rabbiting on about Steamrail). I've got some really great books about making memory quilts, as well as some neat train fabric. I've also got a box of the printable fabric...but can't give you any because I'm doing a memory quilt/hanging for a friend's 25th anniversary! I know you'll have plenty of help with the class, but if you need any more help later, let me know. It's about time we got together. We were going to talk books, remember??



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