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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Valentine's Day Swap Part 2

Remember this.  
It was the Valentine's Day swap item I made and posted off to Lyn.  I thought all was fine until I got a message from Cheryll - oh no - my swap partner was Jan.  So I set to work and made Jan a present and here it is.  
Luckily Jan was lovely about the fact she had a scatterbrain for a swap partner.
I am so in love with these dear little lavender filled owls.
So I am very lucky that they are a fabulous free pattern and tutorial very generously shared by Gingermelon at beautiful Gingermelon Dolls.  Just go HERE. Thank you so much.
Have a fabulous day


  1. I love your beautiful button hearts!!


  2. wow Mel you put a lovely parcel together for Jan and i am sure she will understand that you havent been well,love the bag you made ,the fabrics are gorgeous.lucky Jan and a even luckier Lyn, i think we have all been guilty of a slip up at some time or another,i did one just this month as well nearly forgot Narelle,but a quick email and everything was sorted,hope you have a lovely day and take care my lovely friend,see you soon.xx

  3. oops i meant to say also Mel thankyou for the link for those very cute owls.xx

  4. That made me smile very much - the positive - you had TWO very lucky Valentines Swap partners - your gifts are absolutely beautiful!

  5. I think you were a wonderful partner making another gift for Jan so quickly Mel... thank you and well done!
    I can see that Jan's gifts were worth waiting for too... so smiles all-round. And any one can make a mistake... that's what makes us human... but you are the PERFECT swap participant so you are still on the "nice" side of santa's list...lol :)

  6. The gifts are lovely regardless of where they went. Gorgeous work.

  7. Well done Mel, Great stuff, I agree the link is very cool indeed!

  8. Both lovely gifts and beautiful work. Thanks for the link.

  9. What a champion getting two gifts organised. They were both lovely. The little owls are cute. Thanks for the link.

  10. Both your gifts are gorgeous Melody. You are always a wonderful swap partner... I hope you didn't feel bad... this can happen so easily! And you certainly made up for it. I love the owl link too... thank you xx



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