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Friday, February 21, 2014

Sewn and Quilted

I had a wonderful morning on Wednesday at Sewn and Quilted, a fabulous quilt shop in Blackburn, Victoria.  I've joined their monthly Hand Piecing and English Paper Piecing class which takes place on the third Wednesday of the month.  I had a brilliant time.  Such a great bunch of ladies in the class and Carol was such a supportive and knowledgeable teacher.  I learnt so many new techniques and came away totally enthused.  

I plan to make a number of smaller projects.  I started on my Flowerball quilt today and purchased a couple more patterns for the next few months. I did keep to my fabric pledge and only purchased one fabric for my Flowerball quilt.  The rest of the fabric is from my stash.  I'm feeling very pleased with myself.

I'm sorry there are no pictures - I can't find my camera.  Hope I find it before Saturday's Mill rosie fun.

I really need a new plastic bag holder and just in case you do too, HERE's a great tutorial, with many thanks to Concha at Creative Homemaking.  Her blog is wonderful.
Happy sewing


  1. Enjoy your new group Mel and I'm very proud of your fabric purchasing control.

  2. yes have fun with your new group,cant wait to hear about what you learnt,see you tomorrow my friend,i am so excited.xx

  3. Nice to hear you had such a lovely day, Carol is a gem :-)

  4. Enjoy tomorrow mel, hope you found that camera. I want to see all your fun pictures of the day. Hugs......

  5. Can't wait to see your new project. Have fun tomorrow :)

  6. Hi Melody I can't wait to see your new projects making an appearance on your blog... and what a wonderful way to spend time, stitching in company... hope you find your camera!

  7. That sounds like a fun class. It's great you started your flower ball, it's going to look amazing!



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