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Monday, February 17, 2014

Off on a shopping trip

with my lovely friend Christine. I need to buy a charm pack to take to the Let's Get Stitched games night so that is a good excuse for the two of us to take a trip to Gail Bs. Will I be able to stick to my Fabriholics Pledge when confronted with all the fabric gorgeousness?  They now stock over 12,000 bolts of fabric which is kind of mind boggling.
This is the cutest little pin cushion ever.
I plan to make her but I think she will just be one for my collection as I don't think I'll actually want to put pins in her.  There is a fabulous free pattern and a great tutorial HERE at Maker Land.  Enormous thanks.

Some blogs I visit have a Pinterest Pin It hover button over their images and I really wanted one too.  I tried an app or two but couldn't get them to work and then I found this great tutorial at Blogger Sentral and now I have this feature on my blog - hooray.  Here's the LINK if you want it too.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Have fun picking a charm pack. I wonder which one you'll choose. I know I find it very hard to resist fabric when I'm surrounded by it.

  2. Oh my goodness that is the cutest pincushion ever! I don't think I could stick a pin into it either. Happy shopping :)

  3. I can't stick pins in cute pincushions either! Have fun shopping.

  4. Enjoy your shopping time with Christine. I am sure you will find somewhere foracuppaand scones....

  5. Have fun my 2lovely friends,this place sounds amazing,can't wait to see you both next week.xx

  6. Love to see what you buy! Have a lovely day, thanks for the very cute link too.



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