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Monday, February 24, 2014

More birthday goodies

I am so lucky to have such wonderful bloggy friends.  On Saturday I arrived at Mill Rose to be greeted with two gorgeous birthday parcels, one from Barb and one from Shez.
  I'll show you Barb's beautiful gift tomorrow.
My darling Shez gave me a fabulous bundle of goodies.  The prettiest mug and super sweet mug bag, yummy yummy chocolate and three beautiful fat quarters.  There was also another of Shez's gorgeous hand made cards.  Thank you so much dear Shez, you make me feel really loved and your friendship is very dear to me.

This little fellow is irresistible.  How lucky are we that his pattern is very generously shared with us all HERE at Yana Knits  Enormous thanks to Yana.
Happy stitching


  1. It's wonderful that you are being so spoilt with lovely gifts for your birthday!!

  2. As usual Shez's gifts are beautiful - and a wonderful day with 'sewy- friends as well!

  3. That mug bag is gorgeous, Shez is very clever.

  4. you are very welcomed my lovely friend,what a special group of friends we have ,i feel so blessed to have our friendship,cant wait for our next adventure,lol,have a wonderful day my friend and keep cool its going to be a hot one today.xx

  5. Beautiful Melody! Nice that your birthday is still being celebrated.

  6. lovely gifties and I love the picture of Shez and Barb...

  7. I can only focus on the chocolate... it's 25 minutes to lunch break and I'm starving! We get those "Creations" over here too, but haven't had that flavour! I hope they bring that out next...

  8. Delightful gifts. beautifully made.



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