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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blankets of Love

Our lovely Cheryll of Gone Stitching has another blog, Blankets of Love, where she shares the work she does making and collecting quilts for Blankets of Love.
Cheryll writes,

"Blankets of Love" is a wonderful initiative started in Australia in 1992 by two sisters, one a midwife (Jan Polverino) and one a quilter (Shirley Zions) to offer beautiful small quilts to parents of babies who have died at or around the time of birth as a lasting memento.

I've decided I want to help this very worthwhile cause this year, so I plan to make one Blanket of Love each month.

I have some beautiful spare blocks from swaps in the past and I think some of them would make beautiful little quilts.  I selected this one first because it is very sweet. I'm really sorry I didn't keep a record of who sent this block.
I quilted it with hearts and daisy chains.  I just added some sashing and embroidered some appropriate words on the backing.  

The backing was a fat quarter given to me by my NOTYQ friend, Simone of Quilts n Cats and it is so pretty I wanted to use it for something special.

My little quilt is going in the post and off to Cheryll today. 

I loved these as soon as I saw them

Such a delightful old fashioned toy and you can make one too if you pop over to Lia Griffith Hand Craft Your Life.  The Stick Horses are HERE.  Many thanks to Lia.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Such a lovely thing to do. That quilt is so sweet. I love how you have added the daisies and the words on the back. Truly beautiful, as are you.

  2. What a sweet quilt Mel! It will indeed be cherished!

  3. LOVE the LOVE BLANKET but the horse is cute TOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LOVE the LOVE BLANKET but the horse is cute TOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing this wonderful charity idea with us, Your stitchery is delightful and will be cherished for sure.

  6. This will make a beautiful gift for the parents to keep in memory of their baby. Hugs....

  7. such a lovely blanket and a wonderful thing to do Mel,if you have anymore i can take them up with me as i am hopeing to have a couple finished myself to take up.xx

  8. Love the Blanket of Love Mel, your work is beautiful! This will be cherished for sure!

  9. This is the most beautiful and special quilt. It will bring warm comfort to someone one day.

  10. Lovely Mel. How lovely to stitch those loving words on the back.

  11. They are such special little quilts, and it's such a good charity to be part of. I love your idea of embroidering the words on the back. A lovely thought.

  12. lovely quilt and that is the same group I want to make for this year... not sure I will get as much done as you... great start ....

  13. They are such an important and special moments for grieving parents...lovely Mel!

  14. I have been sorting suitable fabrics and putting aside for the same charity group also Melody. I was hoping to make 3 or 4 for the year. You are off to a great start - your quilt is beautiful - I am sure you will achieve your goal of one per month!!

  15. I have been sorting my fabric stash and donating quilts thoughout the year to charity groups. your blanket of love is so sweet



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