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Friday, November 8, 2013

The NOTYQ Symposium - I have a question

I went to NOTY last night to get together with Heather and Monica as we are organising next year's NOTYQ Symposium. We are currently contacting potential tutors to see if they are available.  Do you know of any Melbourne/Victorian based tutors who would be good to have at our fabulous event on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of October 2014?

On the subject of our wonderful quilting guild I'm very proud to say we sent off a parcel of 50 community quilts to be distributed by the Salvos to those who suffered in the recent bushfires in NSW. I love being part of this wonderful, caring, creative group of women.

Here's a delightful Christmas Quilt from Angela at Fussy Cut
shared at the wonderful Moda Bakeshop.  Here's the LINK.


  1. What a fantastic effort you lovely ladies have done, 50 Quilts, wonderful. I will ask at the cloth doll club about tutors, as you can imagine, quite a few are quilters too. I hope you get lots of replies on this one.

  2. what an awesome effort of 50 quilts by you lovely ladies,well done girls,cant wait to see you tomorrow Mel.xx

  3. Have you thought of asking Vicki Tucek from The Pickledish Patch to be a tutor? She is in Melbourne. Also depending on what you are looking for in a tutor I would be interested. Vicki vickilorraine at hotmail dot com

  4. 50 quilts!! Your group is amazing and wonderful!!

  5. That is a wonderful contribution to the victims of the NSW bushfires. I was wondering if any group was going to organise something for them, since Oz Comfort Quilts is no longer organising bulk numbers of quilts for charity. How are you going with those PNG flimsies? I'll need them by the end of this month, so if you don't have time to finish them off, just let me know and I'm happy to do it.
    Have you thought of Linda Steele as a tutor, if she is free? She is running the quilters workshop I'm attending at the shop in Blackburn you visited recently.

  6. 50 quilts is such a wonderful and impressive gift to all those who lost homes in the NSW fires recently. I hope you find a wonderful tutor. If you were open to having an interstate tutor who is an amazing quilter and fabulous teacher I'd highly recommend Chris Jurd. She does travel around Australia to teach.

  7. I dropped some quilts to a preschool in the area on Friday................so many homes lost............



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