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Monday, October 21, 2013

An outing with Christine

Today Christine and I are off to view a private collection of costumes, needlework tools and lace.  I can't wait.  I'm sure we will both blog about it in the next few days.

Last Friday we headed off to the Eastern Palliative Care quilt exhibition and had a fabulous time. The quilts were very beautiful with many featuring exquisite hand quilting.

I'll share some more pictures tomorrow.
I just love this super cute project.
Visit Jess at fabulous Craftiness is Not an Option for a range of mini tutorials featuring embroidery hoops.  Here's the LINK.


  1. Oh, now I wish I'd gone to the quilt exhibition....I love the second one- that's the Museum Medallion pattern I am doing! It's lovely to see all the quilts! Thanks for sharing the photos, Mel

  2. Lovely quilts Mel, enjoy your day out with Christine :) Barb.

  3. such beautiful quilts,have fun with Christine Mel and take lots of pics.xx

  4. the quilts are simply stunning, enjoy your day,

  5. Gorgeous quilts, lucky you to see them up close and in real life. Thanks for the link, it's a cute project.

  6. So much work in those quilts. They look amazing.

  7. Such gorgeous quilts Mel. Hope you and Christine had a great day

  8. Wow!! These quilts are all so amazing. They would have been wonderful to see live.



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