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Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's finally time...

...for some crafty Hijinks in Ballarat.
Jodie at Ric-Rac and Gillian of Silly Gilly have organised a fun filled day for 47 bloggers and today is the day.  I am so excited.  Fabulous Christine of MacDonald's Patch is taking Sue of I Purr Furr to Craft and me, so I know even the car trip will be heaps of fun.  

I'll know lots of the bloggers but there are lots of others whose blogs I didn't even know about.  Of course we will take photos, as all good little bloggers do, and we will share them with you soon.

Annaboos House is a brilliant blog.  She shares so much.  These cute brooches caught my eye and here's the LINK but there is just so much more.
Please say hello if you call over.


  1. Hope you have a great day. Hugs....

  2. The Crafty Hijinks days sounds fun! Wish I lived closer......
    Have a great day, and be sure to show us lots of photos of what you all got up to.

  3. Good to meet you and Christine, Melody - wasn't it a great day!

  4. Bet you had a fun day Mel - look forward to hearing all about it

  5. I had simply the very best time. Thanks again Melody for everything.

  6. I hope you had the best time in Ballarat!! ( that's my home town) It would have been awesome to meet lots of bloggers.



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