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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another quilt for PNG

Gina has been doing so well organising baby quilts and wraps for little babies in PNG.  In fact it's all become so big, it now has its own blog, the Patea PNG Quilt Collective.  An extremely interesting and worthwhile project.  I am very happy to use some of my stash to make quilts for these babies.  Here's a top I made in a spare hour yesterday, out of scraps in my stash.
Remember Max.  He's the little sweetheart I rescued from a neighbour's window ledge in the Christmas 2011 floods here in northern Melbourne.  They never did want him back, so he is now my father-in-law's dog.  He's staying for awhile and has decided my barrel of violets is a great place to nap in the garden - he is not supposed to do this!
When I took my little quilt top outside to get a picture, where did I find Maxie? Lucky I love him so much.

Do you love pin cushions?  I can't resist them.  So if you would to see a few (or a lot) pop on over to Madam Samm's blog Sew We Quilt and follow all the links on the Pin It pin cushion blog hop.

My love affair with crochet continues

and how could you not love this granny heart bunting.  The pattern and tutorial are very kindly shared at Cherry Heart Boutique.  Here is the LINK.  Enormous thanks to Sandra.


  1. Max looks very comfortable sitting there amongst the violets!

  2. lovely little quilt Mel... and so glad Max has found a loving home....

  3. Gorgeous baby quilt and crochet, but Max is the most gorgeous of all

  4. Cute quilt one lucky baby will snuggle in it. Max is adorable how could you not love him !!!!!

  5. Lovely little quilt, Mel. Max is a cute little dog, I would find it hard to chase him off his favourite spot also. Love the crochet. hugs......

  6. Max - how could you possibly deny him anything? How fortunate the other family didn't want him - though I can't figure out why. He's adorable.

    And I love your quilt. Those colors are great.

  7. Another great little quilt for a good cause. Well done.
    Lovely to see Max so happy. I am so pleased somebody wanted to love and keep him!

  8. The little quilts are a lovely way to use some of your stash. As for Max, I think the look on his face says it all....he isn't going anywhere!

  9. Thank goodness you rescued him, it's beyond me how they could just say oh keep him we don't want him back! He might be being naughty sitting in the violets but he does look sweet :)

  10. Lovely quilt Mel it will be loved and Lucky Max to be saved and loved...

  11. Lovely quilt for a great cause Melody. Max is so adorable - how can you growl lol - reminds me of my rascals. Thanks for in fo on Pin cushion hop - LOVE pincushions

  12. Thank you for the update on my blog for the PNG babies, and thanks also (in advance) for your latest little quilt!



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