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Friday, September 13, 2013

An amazing parcel...

...arrived at my place on Wednesday.  It was from Larissa at Crafty God Chick and was my present for the FRIENDS swap organised by Khris at Sew Prim Khris
I was spoiled beyond my wildest dreams.
Lucky lucky me....everything was perfect.....everything was just my taste.

What a brilliant bunch of goodies

I am so in love with this bag
A fabulous bag from wonderful Ravelry.  Here is the LINK.  Enormous thanks to the super talented designers Lounette Fourie & Anita Rossouw
Happy Birthday Christine


  1. Oh wow look at all those beautiful items you received. Everthing is gorgeous. I love all the fabrics and colors....Very very pretty. You are a very lucky girl.

  2. Hello Melody,

    Just love that needle case. A great collage of gifts.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow, wow, wow, what amazingly beautiful and generous gifts. Lucky you, Melody!

  4. Oh wow Melody, I can see why you are blown away... Larissa is a very thoughtful & generous swapper (I know first hand!) and I am sure you will enjoy all those goodies for a long time to come...

  5. What a fantastic assortment of gifts, you are very very lucky.

  6. What wonderful goodies, so many beautiful things and things you can make yourself, she was very thoughtful and generous.


  7. Absolutely divine! It was a fun swap to do too. Thanks for the link.

  8. My goodness, Christmas came early at your house! :-) Everything is soooo pretty - where on earth can I find that fabric with illustrated embroidery stitches? It is amazing! Chrissie x

  9. What a gorgeous lot of gifts. Larissa obviously studied your blog for ideas. I wonder where she found that fantastic lining fabric in the needlecase.

  10. So glad you liked them all Melody!! ... You can tell the ladies that the needlecase lining fabric is "Stitches" by Lynette Anderson Designs for Henry Glass Patt#5172 (yes, I have a little left over with the selvedge :D ). It's one of my favourites to line things like that, and I found it at my local QFS, 'Dragonfly Fabrics' up here in Darwin ... That bag, you've given the link for, is gorgeous!! Thankyou! xx

  11. Gorgeous gifts Mel. You are a lucky girl. Hugs.....

  12. Oh my, Mel! You were right. Everything is just gorgeous. Do I see some Scrumptious in there! LOL! Enjoy all your wonderful presents.

  13. what amazing gifts!!
    lucky, lucky you Melody.
    enjoy them all.

  14. Oh they are wonderful gifts you received from Larissa. She is very thoughtful in suiting her fabrics & gifts to her swap partner. Lucky you! xx

  15. Wow, so many wonderful gifts! Congratulations!




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