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Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Rachael Daisy September

More of my beautiful calendar, which was made especially for me by wonderful Rachael Daisy.
Hope everyone has a wonderful September
Last night I made this Aussie label themed bag.  

It will be among the hundreds of fabulous things for sale on our Community Quilts Stall at the NOTYQ Quilt Exhibition.  

All proceeds go to buying backing and batting for the many, many community quilts the NOTYQ members happily donate to people who need a quilt to keep them warm or provide comfort in difficult times.
Such a lovely project and a fabulous tutorial too.  Please thank Sandra at Cherry Heart for sharing this beautiful project.  Here's the LINK.


  1. Lovely bag Melody.
    I would love to buy something to help contribute to the NOTYQ, Surprise me! I will give you $10 next time I see you. Love the link too!

  2. Happy September to you Mel! I have the NOTYQ exhibition marked in my diary!

  3. Great bag Mel....I am NOTYQ will be a great success...need to live a bit closer..

  4. great bag Mel and i am seeing the pamphlets around everywhere,hope it is a great success.xx

  5. Thanks for the "heads up" of NOTYQ exhibition, its now in my diary, its always a good day!!!!

  6. Happy September!! That is such a fun bag and will no doubt sell in a flash!. NOTYQ sounds like a great event

  7. Happy September Melody, love the bag you have made...thankyou for the tute...Hugs, O'faigh

  8. Hoping to get to your exhibition. You girls always put on a great show.



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