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Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's a Rachael Daisy kind of August.

Every month I like to share a page of the wonderful calendar, Rachael Daisy of delightful Blue Mountain Daisymade especially for lucky me. 

Simple and adorable.  Here's the LINK to Camilla's tutorials page at Boutique D' Caroline.    Many thanks for these little cuties.


  1. Very cute owls thanks for the link you never cease to amaze with your links !!!!!!

  2. It's a lovely way to start August. Lucky lady x

  3. Beautiful calendar, thanks for another lovely link :-)))

  4. Beautiful calender Melody and love the owls!!

  5. Hi Melody, I'm so happy you are enjoying your calendar. It's hard to believe it's already August!!


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  7. That is a lovely page in ypur calendar and such cute little owls..



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