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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another baby wrap...

...destined for PNG.  You can read about it's destination HERE at Gina's lovely blog. 

I just need to catch up with my dear friend Sue who is going to give me the backing to finish this wrap and then I can add it to my pile.

These are adorable.  And we are very lucky that Lia Griffith very kindly shares both the pattern and a brilliant tutorial at her blog, Handcraft Your Life.  Here is the LINK. Enormous thanks to Lia.


  1. A beautiful wrap from a generous blogger!

  2. Lovely wrap Melody - so very generous of you

  3. Love the baby wrap! Yaso came over last weekend to see all the quilts and rugs I have so far, and when I told her there were about 30 more on the way, she nearly fell off the couch! I'm meeting Sue the week after next at Savers Mill Park - are you able to meet up with us? Email or ring me for details :-)
    Thanks for the link to the felt animals; a friend gave me a big bag of felt that she no longer wants, so I have it coming out of my ears, and need to do something with it, fast!

  4. A lovely little quilt for PNG.. Sew thoughtful of you Mel.

  5. The baby wrap is really lovely. Just tell me the sizes you need and I will cut it up ready for you. Thanks for the link too.

  6. so lovely, are the squares appliqued?



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