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Friday, July 5, 2013

I've been gate crashing...

...Christine's coffee with Anna (no blog).  

Christine and Anna are Christmas Swap Partners and were getting together yesterday. Piccalo Mechanico is a quirky place with fabulous macarons and the most delicious hot chocolate in Melbourne so of course I wangled myself an invitation from Christine.  
Delicious as they are, the culinary treats weren't my total motivation.  I hadn't seen Anna in quite a long time (we were previously swap partners) and I am her Secret Santa in lovely Cheryll's Christmas in July swap.  So it was great to pop in and give her a surprise.  Nice to know, too, that her gifts were safely handed over.  

I made her promise not to open her gifts before Cheryll's appointed day, July 25th.  Hope she likes them.  I had lots of fun making them.

Here's a fabulous little tote pattern very generously shared in a great tutorial HERE at UCreate.  It was designed and shared by Amber from Crazy Little Projects.  Many thanks to all involved.


  1. These swaps are working out pretty good for you three aren't they! So great to hand over gifts and actually meet the recipient. I didn't know that you knew Anna... too funny! :)

  2. It was lovely getting to know Anna. Plus we had the added bonus of little Henry joining us. He is such a cutie!

  3. What a lovely thing to do! Gate crashing in the nicest way! thanks for the cute link too.

  4. so good meeting blogging friends and how cute is your little man.love that pic of him snuggling into you.xx



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