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Sunday, June 9, 2013

An afternoon with Christine

I always thoroughly enjoy any time I spend with my lovely friend Christine from MacDonald's Patch.
Yesterday we headed off to the other side of town to Embroidery House to hear our friend Gina talk about her amazing collection of linen featuring peacocks.

Gina is such a charming and fun person and her talk was very interesting indeed.  She had a selection of linen on display, only a very small part of her vast collection.
This piece was made especially for Gina, stitched on silk by a blogging friend in India.  Gina has a number of fascinating blogs about her linen collection and it is well worth making a cup of tea and taking a visit.  If you start at Patra's Place of Stitching and Vintage Linens it will direct you to her other blogs too.

Shez asked what mischief we got up to.  We were actually very good.  We did pop over the road from Embroidery House to Lincraft to buy some DMC threads - 61c each - what a bargain.  But we were good and that's all we bought.

I must confess, on the way home, somehow the car forgot which way we were going and ended up in front of a fabric shop.  We both bought some fabric for current projects.  This is to back my Betsy's Closet.  Just perfect.

Thank you again to lovely Christine for a fabulous fun afternoon.  In this picture Christine is in the garden at Embroidery House.  This garden was donated to the city group from the country groups, which I thought was a really lovely thing to do.

It was a bit of a search to find a free peacock embroidery pattern for today's post but I am happy to report I was successful.  In fact I found a couple for free and another gorgeous one for only $1.
If you visit Urban Threads you will find an amazing range of embroidery patterns for bargain prices.
Click HERE for this lovely Peacock.  His pattern is only $1.
Now to the freebies.

This selection kindly at Tatasha Gallery Ru
and this fabulous one at Maureen's Vintage Acquisitions.
Huge thanks to everyone


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment, although my embroidery is like my painting style. Folk Art! But I have fun anyway!

  2. What a great day out, such wonderful stitching! always nice to spend time with a kindred spirit!

  3. Just posted a comment and it disappeared - if you got the first one Mel, you can delete this copy! You are so clever finding those peacocks online! I haven't looked for embroidery patterns online for years (but I've received some from other people), so I'm off to copy the ones you've found! Tar muchly :-)

  4. So glad that you had a lovely time with Christine. The peacocks are gorgeous!

  5. lovely post Mel glad you had a great time with Christine,i find it hard that you didnt get into mischief,lol,what a wonderful friendship you too have i love reading about your adventures,take care my friend.xx

  6. Beautiful embroideries. I love the backing fabric you found, it will be perfect. A lovely day out together.

  7. Oh what gorgeous embroidery and great company... Lovely.

  8. Great show and tell. Love the fabric you picked up to back Betsy's Closet...it is a perfect choice!

  9. What stunning embroidery, worth a trip across the city. That fabric for your Betty's Closet quilt is just perfect. You look lovely in that raspberry colour too. xx

  10. How nice to spend time with Christine and visit The Embroidery display.
    Did you have tea and scones????

  11. It was a lovely day out with you Mel. Now, what mischief can we get up to next! LOL!

  12. wow! all those peacock project are superb!
    You just happened to get lost and end up at a quilt shop?!!! LOL! that fabric is perfect for you quilt.

  13. What a lovely day out, and your friends linen collection is just amazing

  14. All these peacocks are amazing !!
    You seem to have a very lovely day with Christine !



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