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Sunday, April 14, 2013

So Sweet

I bought these sweet little cross stitch pictures for 30c each at the Op Shop.  They are so sweet.

There is a tutorial on how to make this fabulous circular quilt,very kindly shared at wonderful Jaybird Quilts.
  Here's the LINK.  Enormous thanks to Julie for so generously sharing.


  1. very cute stitcheries Mel,have a lovely day my friend.xx

  2. I love rescuing cross stitches from the op shop. I get upset when I think of all those hours of stitching & love that has gone into making them. Very sweet! xx

  3. What a sweet bargain...love the strawberries. That circular quilt is amazing
    Hugs x

  4. For 30c how you could you resist, love the round quilt pattern what a fun kid's playmat - Jen.

  5. A fantastic find. Enjoy your Sunday. hugs

  6. Great to see they've gone to an excellent home!! That circle quilt is super fun!

  7. Love the little cross stitch.
    That circle quilt is gorgeous,will have a look at that.I have a new grandy due the end of June, a boy.that round rug would look lovely in shades of blue.
    Laura xx

  8. That was quite a bargain and so sweet . The circular quilt is so cute , a child would love all those bright Colors. Hugs Sheila

  9. Lovely op shop finds. hugs.....



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