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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's a Rachael Daisy April

As many of you know brilliant Rachael from Blue Mountain Daisy sent me a wonderful handmade calendar for Christmas last year.  Near the beginning of each month I love to share her creativity with you.

April's page is fabulous and a true reflection of me as I absolutely adore a good cup of tea.  Thank you again lovely Rachael Daisy

Here's a LINK to a gorgeous free tea time cross stitch pattern.  

Many many thanks to Jessica for all she shares.

PS Don't forget to pop over and visit Debbie at Sweet Little Cottage and enter her Giveaway.
Let's all help to get that Travelling Treasure on it's way.


  1. such a lovely calendar Mel,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  2. Gorgeous calender...
    Love the Cross Stitch too...

  3. She's so talented Mel - looks like me as well

  4. May you enjoy lots of delicious cups of tea!! It's fun seeing these pages again, thanks for showing them :)

  5. What a great Christmas gift idea! I never thought of making a calendar but not only would I love to get one but it looks like a whole lot of fun to make one too! And affordable for sure! You have the best ideas and friends with the best ideas! LOL! She did a great job on it...love the tea bag too. I 'm REALLY impressed! You gals are so talented....no wonder I love your magazines too! LOL!



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