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Friday, March 22, 2013

Off to the Patchwork Teahouse...

...today, with my lovely NOTYQ friends, for a stitchery day.  I really am so blessed with the most wonderful friends -old friends, new NOTYQ friends and you my dearly loved bloggy friends.

Marilyn has this very sweet wall hanging in the teahouse and it is true, everyone there is very friendly and welcoming.

Did you know our lovely friend Fee has a new blog?  Why not pop over and take a look. This picture shows the delicious pancake recipe she shared on Wednesday HERE at Shabby Frugal and Free.

Yet another fabulous free quilt pattern.
We are so lucky to have all the wonderful creative designers who share with us. This one is HERE at About.com


  1. I think you are fabulous to share all the wonderful ideas that you find...we are very grateful! Love that wall hanging in the tea house...who wouldn't want to visit there! Enjoy your stitchery day!

  2. Have a great day, Melody, you deserve it.

  3. Have a great day Mel. I'll think of you while I'm cleaning (sorry for swearing) the house!

  4. Have a wonderful day Melody. Thanks for the shout out xxxxx Hugs, Fee

  5. The tea house sounds a great place !!!

  6. love the saying on that wall hanging Mel,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  7. sweet quilt. I just signed up to get Fee's blog posts in my email. I think they will be a good read.

  8. Have fun and what a cute hanging in the tea shop. The recipe looks yummy! Thanks as always!



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