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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A pattern from me

Each month I am sharing a pattern with my lovely NOTYQ friends and we are making things for the Community Quilts sale table at our quilt show later this year.
Here's what I'm sharing this month
A cute little owl pin cushion.  Click HERE for the templates.

I used a piece of a small woollen blanket which I bought at my local Savers for only $3.99 and should make about 20 pincushions - I do love a bargain. I backed it with a piece of flannel and used some wool felt scraps for the owl.  I filled my pin cushion with crushed walnuts.  Three buttons, 4 pins and a bit of stranded cotton complete the materials list.

Trace the owl pieces from the template sheet onto the paper side of freezer paper (the type our lovely American friends can get in the supermarket and we have to buy from quilt shops by the metre).
Iron the pieces of freezer paper, waxy side down, on the felt.

Cut out the pieces then peel off the freezer paper.  Save the paper pieces as they can be re-used many times.

Glue the felt pieces to the wool back ground and stitch in place with a couple of strands of stranded cotton. ( I use a very cheap bostick glue stick you can get in Kmart for less than a dollar - just check on the tube that it says suitable for fabric) You can use blanket stitch, running stitch or any decorative stitch you choose to secure the edges of the felt.

Decorate the owl however you wish.  I kept mine pretty simple as I plan to make lots for the quilt show stall, but you can be as decorative as you like.

Sew your backing fabric onto the back of the piece of wool (right sides together, of course), leaving a small gap so you can pour in the walnut shells.
Turn right side out, stuff then close the gap with ladder stitch.
Add some pins and a cute little gift, that cost virtually nothing, is ready for the present basket.

There are a multitude of wool pincushion patterns around.  Here are just a few I've made recently.  Some are Anni Downs patterns, some come from the Quilted Crow girls, some from Hudson's Holidays and some I made up myself.

I made this pin cushion to partner my free scissor keep pattern that you can find HERE on my Oct 7, 2011 post.

I also wanted to share Fiona's finished version of my Home Sweet Home Penny Rug BOM.  She did a brilliant job.  You can get the free pattern HERE or at the top of this blog.
I also shared the pattern for this spring themed penny rug HERE on the Sept 21st, 2011 post

And these hexie coasters, backed with felt, HERE on the Sept 22, 2011 post.

And another little owl project 
This time it is an adorable owl doorstop, generously shared HERE at Wee Folk Art.  Thank you so much.


  1. Thank you Mel. Am going to try making some of these when I get a few felt supplies. They are all so lovely. Hugs.....

  2. Your owl pin cushion is just gorgeous Mel. You are so clever!

  3. that is one cute owl pin cushion Mel and boy you have been busy you have made heaps of pin cushions,well done.How good does Fiona's penny rug look,its gorgeous and thankyou sweet Mel for all the links to your gorgeous patterns,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  4. The Owl pattern is just lovely thank you for sharing. Gee I wish I had more time to make everything I see lol.

  5. Hi Melody, can you please tell me where you get your crushed walnut shells from. And I would just like to say, I love your blog, and come here every day, and I miss when you are unable to post. I hope everything is settling down for you.
    Kind regards, Lyndell

  6. So much loveliness. Thank you for sharing your beautiful patterns :)

  7. So many goodies here Melody! Thank you! I am currently doing hand stitching with my Crafternooners, and these will be perfect. Love the instructions too.

  8. A very sweet pincushion Mel.... can you add some time into the mix please? I love my Spring Penny rug from you..... I use it even when it isn't spring!!

    I have had no luck at the local pet shops with walnut shells - they looked at me like I was a nutter (probably right about that!) .... can you give me the name of the place you go to please


  9. Wonderful post Melody and love your cute little owl pattern for your sales table. And all your recent pincushions - think I too have a bit of a pincushion fetish - am getting quite a lovely collection too

  10. Great post Mel,I love all of the above.
    Working with felt is one of my favourite things to do,xx

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern. hugs

  12. Those hexie are the most beautiful coasters ever made!!! :)

  13. Such a lovely owl! Thank you very much for sharing!


  14. such a cute owl. thanks for sharing the pattern.

  15. You come up with the cutest owls! I keep on printing off the patterns, but so far haven't got around to making any. Perhaps if I didn't go out so often, I might get something achieved ;-)

  16. Gorgeous pin cushion Melody, I love everything OWL.....




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