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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Today's Link

All my sewing has been secret sewing for swaps so today's post is a link to this gorgeous pattern.
I love the colours in this quilt and there is a free pattern at the fabulous Moda Bakeshop.  Here is the LINK.


  1. Well I never! I'm making that quilt in those very same fabrics.... it's almost ready to be moved up the list from WIP to Flimsy! Not before time too. I fell in love with the 'look' of it too... and I'm not disappointed. Good luck with the secret sewing....:o)

  2. thankyou for the link Mel ,yes lots of secret sewing stuff going on,i have just finished all my rabbits i had made 9,lol.Have a good day my friend.xx

  3. Thanks for the link Melody, I have had just the best time catching up on your blog. What a lovely bunch of talented sewers, and What a lovely place to meet up at! Have a lovely day.

  4. Don't feel bad...I've been doing stuff but nothing worth blogging about and definitely not "fun stuff". I did gather my black wool and got a few colors out but realized I need to dye some more colors for the Summer Stitch Along. I didn't realize when I first signed up that it's Summer there! LOL! I figured it was my Summer and it's Winter here now...I thought I had some time. It will be my Summer Stitch Along by the time I get to it! LOL! Take care!



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